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I help you make joy a habit so you can show up
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Measure Your Joy in 5 Minutes

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    Build the Internal Tools for Lasting Change

    You want a life of lasting success.

    But your negativity, stress, and lack of self-confidence keep you stuck. Every problem seems massive, and you can’t find the positivity to keep pushing for change in your life.

    This was me.

    But after spending years studying positive psychology, I’ve learned that the secret to lasting change in life and business is joy.

    On this website, you’ll discover how to make joy a habit, so you can show up happier and more successful in daily life.

    Joy is the internal satisfaction you feel when you pursue your well-being and success, even through great difficulty.

    Change Unhealthy Habits Keeping You Stuck

    Produce Positivity, Excitement, and Passion On Demand

    Build Resilience & Stress Tolerance

    Why Joy?

    Most happiness research will have you ignore feeling negative emotions. But joy teaches you to show up despite negative emotions. And it is by showing up for both the positive and negative parts of life that we grow.

    With joy, you’ll learn how to master emotions, produce positivity on demand, decrease the effect of stressors, and utilize internal tools for change.

    A Simple Process for Joy

    Wonder why joy is so elusive? It’s not because you’re just naturally unhappy. It’s because we’re all caught in the same cycle.

    Understanding this cycle will help you create habits that increase your joy.

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