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The Secret to Satisfying Success

In today’s unhappy society, people try to fuel their success with negativity. Then they wonder why they’re never satisfied.

This was me.

But after researching the latest discoveries in positive psychology for over two years, I’ve discovered:

If you want a satisfying success you can enjoy long-term, you need to fuel your success with positivity.

I call this positivity, joy.

Joy is the internal satisfaction you feel when you pursue well-being and success, even through great difficulty.

Joy helps you do the hard things success requires, and enjoy it. Happiness doesn’t do this.

Here's How to Fuel Your Success with Joy

Step 1

Plot the Journey

Step 2

Plan for Obstacles

Step 3

Practice The Joy Habitâ„¢

A Simple Framework for Joy

Wonder why joy is so elusive?

We all have a natural habit of avoiding hard things. But the more we exercise this habit, the more we decrease our ability to handle hard things. This fuels our negativity.

On this website, I offer a simple framework for understanding our unhappiness. With supplementary articles and content, I help you build the internal tools to combat this cycle and make joy a habit.

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