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Do You Have a Plan for Positivity?

You value emotional and mental health. You realize that your best life happens when you take care of yourself.

But even though you value emotional and mental health, you don’t have a plan for it.

And you’re feeling the effects of it.

Negativity is clouding your mind. You’re repeating negative patterns that are forcing you to self-sabotage. Your relationships, work, and overall well-being are becoming victims to negativity.

One-Size-Fits-All Happiness Habits Don’t Work

You might’ve tried what all the experts suggest for happiness. Your "plan for positivity" consists of gratitudes, meditation, smiling, laughing, etc.

But you haven’t been able to stick to these "one-size-fits-all" habits. They do nothing to tackle the specific negativity in your life.

You need a custom, unique plan for positivity.

The Joy Habit™ is Your Plan for Positivity

Joy is the satisfaction you feel when you pursue hope, even through great difficulty.

If your negativity is leading you to a place of hopelessness in your areas of greatest difficulties, you need joy.

The Joy Habit is a 5-step plan for positivity, hope, and joy in daily life.

It’s simply this: once every month, you create rules for positivity.

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How Does it Work?

Using a suite of emotional intelligence tools (like the one pictured on the left), The Joy Habit helps you pinpoint your specific causes of negativity, and helps you create a plan to negate them.

There are five steps to the plan:

    1. Detox negativity (using The Negativity Cycle™)
    2. Plan positivity (using The Positivity Cycle™)
    3. Design rules for positivity (using the framework for positive rules)
    4. Optional: Increase exposure to future self and affirmations (if you can’t stick to the rules)
    5. Celebrate always

Learn The Joy Habit Today

When you make joy a habit, you can achieve lasting change in the areas of your greatest difficulties.

    Enjoy intimacy in dry marriages
    Enjoy setting a budget and sticking to it
    Enjoy your friendships again
    Enjoy taking care of your physical health
    Enjoy going to work each day

To learn The Joy Habit, take my free course.

Take the FREE Course

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