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Discover how you can fuel a life of lasting success with the latest discoveries in positive psychology.

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You’re trying to do big things in your life.

Maybe you want to start and/or scale that business. Maybe you want to beat that personal record. Maybe you want to lead your team to new heights.

But pushing for growth and success is never easy.

You’re often hitting a wall. You get discouraged easily. You experience frequent setbacks. And you self-sabotage your success without realizing it.

When things get hard, the people who quit are the ones who don’t have the right fuel.

If you want success, you need to fuel it with positivity.

You can’t guilt, shame, or frighten your way to lasting success. Running on negativity will always exhaust you or make you want to quit.

You can have success. And you can enjoy it too. But you need positivity now.

The solution isn’t happiness

Despite popular belief, happiness is not the fuel you need for success.

When people pursue being happy at all costs, they avoid doing hard things.

And success requires doing hard things.

If we want to fuel last success with positivity, we need to stop chasing happiness, and instead get our positivity from something deeper.

What should we pursue instead? Joy.

Joy is the internal satisfaction you feel when you pursue well-being and success, even through great difficulty.

It helps us do hard things, and enjoy it.

Joy gives you the positivity you need to do hard things and enjoy a greater, more satisfying success.

There’s just one problem . . .

Today’s society naturally produces negativity and fleeting moments of happiness.

This is not what you should be using to fuel your success. It’ll only have you burnout and quit too early.

Instead, you need to be intentional about creating joy in your life. Here’s how . . .

The Unhappiness Cycle™

Today’s society suffers from chronic unhappiness. Why? Because we’re all repeating the same cycle of avoiding hard things.

This cycle is called The Unhappiness Cycle™.

The Unhappiness Cycle is a pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that compound our unhappiness.

To increase our capacity for joy, we need to break the cycle and celebrate what we did right. Doing so will produce joy, which we can then use to fuel our success.

The Joy Habit™

The Joy Habit is when you celebrate doing hard things.

Once you break the cycle and celebrate, you compound joy. This gives us the fuel to do more hard things and create more success.

The Joy Habit is a simple practice you can use to generate positivity on demand. To learn how to use it in your life, take my free minicourse.

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It’s time you stop feeding yourself negativity. It won’t help you create lasting success. Joy will.

Let me show you how to make joy a habit.