How You Explain Stress Determines How You’ll Get Through It

One of the most fascinating discoveries from my study on joy was that our thinking determines much of the results we reap in life. Many individuals believe their circumstances are the cause of their stress and unhappiness. But studies show that circumstances only affect 10% of our overall happiness. It is how we think about […]

This One Statement Will Help You Stick to Positive Habits

When I first started my study on joy, I asked the question: why is it much easier for people to stick to negative habits rather than positive habits? There are two reasons: Most of the negativity we experience is unconscious while positivity requires an intentional, conscious effort.  Most people are missing the plan for intentional […]

How to Design a Plan for Positivity

After studying joy for years now, I’ve learned that negativity is a corruptive, but common, force.  I define negativity as energy. By definition, energy has to flow somewhere. So whenever we feed ourselves negativity, that energy flows into our relationships, our work, our daily interactions, our parenting, etc.  When we allow negativity in, we allow […]

4 Things You Should Always Celebrate

When you’re a young child, you never forget your birthday. You count down the days until the event and maybe have a big party thrown in your honor. But as we get older, the excitement for our birthday fades. Over time, we learn to discount celebration all across the board. It’s as if we don’t […]

Is Your Self-Care Actually Self-Sabotage?

Get a massage. Watch that extra episode of Netflix. Go shopping. Treat yourself. This is how the world around us defines “self-care.” We see these depictions of self-care all over the media, pushing us to dive deeper into consumerism as a “gift to ourselves.” But is this really self-care? My wife and I recently went […]

How to Forgive Yourself

I’ve learned a valuable skill recently. It’s a skill that allows me to let go, find the joy in everyday moments, and move forward with confidence. The skill is self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness was a recent skill I learned. While I was confident and hopeful about my future, I couldn’t forgive myself for past “mistakes” I’ve made. […]

5 Ways to Add Hope to Your Financial Situation

When I first picked up the joy study years ago, the first area I needed work on was my finances. I felt I had an impossible financial situation that put joy out of reach.  But in my first year of doing the study, something amazing happened . . . I learned how joy can help […]

When People Think Hope is Making Them Happier (But It’s Not)

A few years ago, a fellow mentor in the entrepreneur space told me hope was a poison that was killing businesses. This statement upended me. I thought hope was a good thing. Months later, I understood the context my mentor was referring to, and it opened my eyes to hope.  There is both a healthy […]

When Your Expectations Make You Unhappy, Do This

Should is a dangerous word.  Whenever I catch myself saying life should be a certain way, I pause and quickly challenge that thought. I know it’s an unhealthy place to be. When we stew in what life should be like, we dodge responsibility for changing what life is currently like.  “Should” language often arises from […]

How to Give Up the Fear of Failure

Someone recently asked me: “What’s different in you?” They were acknowledging my success at work, my passion for life, and my overall joy. They had noticed a shift in me, but couldn’t tell what made the difference. I, however, knew exactly what it was. “I don’t fear failure as much as I used to,” I […]