3 Tiny Actions Feeding Your Negativity Without You Realizing It

In an increasingly cynical society, much of the negativity we let into our lives is unconscious.  Negativity seeps past our awareness filters and then colors our attitude, emotions, thoughts, and actions. If we don’t want to fuel our life with negativity, we have to increase our awareness of the things adding negativity in our life. […]

Are You Outsourcing Your Belief?

I spent years of my life needing everybody’s approval before I could go out and do my work in the world. I thought this was natural, that everybody needed this for success. But it turns out, craving everybody’s approval is the fastest way to burnout. When you need people’s approval to do ambitious work, you’re […]

Beware of This Common Fallacy if You Want to Be Happy Today

When I was new in my business years ago, I would tell my wife, “Once we make it, things will be different.” Now that my business is behind me, I regret comforting her, and myself, with those words. Negativity fueled my success in business. Every win was just a band-aid for the shame I felt […]

The Surprising Consequences of Daily Blaming

Taking responsibility for a fault or wrong has become a healthy habit of mine. I don’t take responsibility for actions that aren’t mine to own, but for the faults that I’ve played part in, I naturally acknowledge what I did wrong in the situation. But this habit of responsibility and ownership was an intentional effort […]

Negative Defaults: How to Solve Your Pull Toward Unhappiness

Chronic unhappiness is a large, sweeping problem of our generation. In the recently released World Happiness Report, the United States was shown to have decreased in its happiness for the third straight year in a row. People in the US are the unhappiest they’ve ever been, even though crime rates are lower and the economy […]

These 4 Radical Truths about Emotions Will Shake Your Thinking

When I discovered joy was on the other side of all the emotions I was unwilling to feel, it changed everything. I had spent a lifetime running from my emotions. Anger? Never had it. Sadness? Didn’t feel it. Fear? I’m suppose to be brave. Whenever a negative emotion popped up, I would quickly try to […]

6 Reasons We Fail at Celebrating (And Why it’s a Modern-Day Epidemic)

As a kid, I didn’t celebrate many milestones. Birthdays, holidays, personal occasions all seemed to blend together.  I hardly remember the celebrations of my childhood because, quite frankly, celebration wasn’t a priority. This is a surprising trend of today’s society. A vast majority of us fail to celebrate. And what’s worse is, we think we […]

15 Hard Truths to Change Everything

I’ve spent my entire life up to now seeking wisdom and absorbing the lessons life tries to teach me. In this time, I’ve learned that the most transformative truths are never easy. The truths that hit hardest have the power to change everything. Over the years I’ve gathered a list of powerful truths that change […]