3 Mind-Bending Truths that Will Forever Change Your Relationships

Our ability to relate with people is actually a skill that needs cultivating. Many people assume that they know how to be in relationship with people. They know how to be in relationship with their kids, their parents, their co-workers, etc. They don’t need an instruction manual. But oftentimes, when the mind is left unchecked, […]

7 Daily Disciplines You Should Commit to for Sustained Joy

In 476 A.D. the last Western Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustulus, was overthrown by a Germanic leader, and the western half of the empire fell into ruins. Trade routes were cut off, the economy came to a screeching halt, and agricultural production plummeted. It was the beginning of what is now known as the “Dark Ages.” […]

5 Things Not Working for Today’s Entrepreneurs

At the peak of my entrepreneurial success, I poured my heart out to my counselor. “I thought being at this point in my business would feel different. Instead, it feels shallow,” I said to him. My counselor had to wade through deep, muddy waters to uncover what was going on underneath the surface. He told […]

The Power of Visualization: How to Imagine the Future to Create a Better Present

Jim Carrey. Tiger Woods. Oprah Winfrey. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lindsey Vohn. What do all these celebrities have in common? They used visualization to create their success. Jim Carrey once wrote himself a $10 million dollar check dated for the future when he was a struggling actor. Tiger Woods practiced swinging in his mind. Oprah Winfrey used […]

Happiness Won’t Give You a Successful, Fulfilled Life. This Will.

“Why can’t I just be happy?” This is what I told my counselor after my attempts at happiness failed. I felt something was wrong, and I needed to fix it. Life should be happy. At least, that’s what we’re told in Disney movies. We’re suppose to be in a happy world where there are only temporary blips […]

This Simple Shift in Perspective Can Instantly Make You Happier

In the summer of 2017, I hit a wall. I had already reached all my goals for the year, but they didn’t do anything for my spirit. I was unhappy. The reason why didn’t occur to me until a meeting I had with other business owners in November. During this time, I was deep in […]

The 10 Qualities of People Who Hurt You

Joy is an uphill battle when the people in your life do nothing but hurt you. As I spent months studying the topic of joy, I couldn’t ignore the power of community and social intimacy for rewriting hurts, building resilience, and bringing joy. However, I also couldn’t ignore how some social connections are the cause […]

5 Common Biases You Didn’t Know Were Making You Unhappier

On a dark, foggy night, I took a shortcut down a backroad to reach my friend’s house. It was then I learned the lesson that not all shortcuts are beneficial. It took me twice as long to navigate through the foggy, windy roads. I was the last person to reach the house, and I was […]

Doing These 5 Things Before 8AM Will Kill Your Joy For the Rest of The Day

How you start the day determines how you end the day. If you start the day with stress and anxiety weighing down on you, chances are, you’ll end the day feeling the effects of that stress and anxiety. If you start the day putting the wrong thoughts in your brain, chances are, those thoughts will […]