Don’t Marry Anyone

NOTE: I wrote this article several years ago when I was in the beginning stages of my marriage. I have since learned a few things about marriage and joy, and have updated this article. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve only been married for a few years, but with each new day it becomes increasingly clear to […]

The 10 Mindsets That Prevent You from Experiencing Joy

Can you remember the last time you experienced joy? The sad truth is, many people can’t answer this. Knowing this, it’s easy to believe joy is simply a self-help term rather than an actual posture of the soul. It’s also easy to believe everyone else is feeling joy but you. I don’t blame you if […]

7 Lessons Learned from Growing a Successful 6-Figure Business in 1 Year

I’ve achieved all my goals this year, tripled my income, and made more money than I ever thought imaginable in my business … so tell me — why am I not happy?” That’s how I began a conversation with my counselor back in 2017. It’s more than a year later now, and my business no longer exists. You’re […]

3 Astonishing Reasons Why Joy is Necessary for Daily Life

It was after months of counseling that I reached a critical conclusion — one that would lead me to let go of my successful business and begin a journey into the unknown. I needed to prioritize the discipline of joy. Joy is often thought of as a frivolous and hokey sentiment. It’s a squishy concept lumped with […]