The Ultimate 8,000-Word Guide to Creating Joy on Demand

Part 1 of 9

Someone once told me that life is 50 percent positive and 50 percent negative. The more I live, the more I believe this. I’m not an optimist or a pessimist. I’m somewhere in the middle.

But this ratio presents a massive problem if it’s true.

Today, we spend so much time and energy running away from the negative 50 percent. Everything about our society tells us life should be happy, so we indulge in the 50 percent of life that makes us feel good, while doing anything and everything possible to escape the other 50 percent.

There’s an entire 50 percent of life we’re not willing to show up for, and that’s a big problem. In fact, it’s the very reason why so many people can’t get excited about their life, can’t find the success they long for, and can’t feel satisfied with what they have.

Biologically, we were built to escape pain. This is a good thing. We survived for as long as we did because we knew how to escape danger. But in today’s world, this same biological feature is barring us from our potential and hurting us. Pain and discomfort, in today’s world, helps us become our best selves.

For two years I wondered… why do we struggle to have joy today? And this is it.

Joy is the internal satisfaction we feel when we pursue our well-being and success, even through great difficulty. It’s the satisfying feeling you get when you show up for 100 percent of life.

But the problem is, many of us don’t have the tools to face difficulty and cultivate this joy. There’s 50 percent of life we’re not willing to show up for, and we can’t reach our potential if we’re only showing up for 50 percent.

This guide is to help you show up for the other 50 percent so you can be happier and more successful in life. How? By teaching you how to create a joy habit so you can summon joy on demand.

Once you create a joy habit, you’ll have the internal toolset to create lasting change in your life. This is especially helpful for you if you are…

  • An entrepreneur trying to start a new business or take their business to the next level.
  • An employee who’s caught in cycles of numbing to escape feelings of dissatisfaction with their job.
  • A parent whose emotional life is tied to their children’s success and happiness.
  • An achiever who wants to reach an ambitious goal, but realizes they need to tap into a new level of motivation to accomplish it.
  • A cynic who’s tired of drifting to the negative in every circumstance.

With a joy habit, you’ll have the tools you need to grow through your biggest challenges. Here’s to reaching 100 percent.
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