The Ultimate 8,000-Word Guide to Creating Joy on Demand

Part 9 of 9

You Can Improve Your Joy

For some, the idea of breaking this cycle, compounding joy, and ending up in the Joyful category seems virtually impossible. These people typically hold onto two ideas:

  1. That circumstances trump everything, and no matter what they do, their circumstances will prevent their happiness.
  2. That no matter what they do, they are genetically disposed to being more negative. There’s nothing they could do to change genetics.

Researcher, Sonja Lyubomirsky, did groundbreaking researcher to see just how much these factors influenced our potential for happiness. Her research led her to develop “The Sustainable Happiness Model.”

The Sustainable Happiness Model (Source:

Turns out, we actually have a genetic set point for our happiness. In the model, our genetics count for 50 percent of our happiness. This is much less than what we normally think it is.

The even bigger surprise comes in how much circumstances influence our happiness. Our circumstances only account for 10 percent of our happiness.

Your circumstances barely affect your happiness. Your unhappiness is not because you don’t make enough money, don’t have the perfect relationship, have been through tough times, etc. Your unhappiness about these circumstances comes primarily from what you think about these circumstances.

In Lyubomirsky’s model, 40 percent of our happiness comes from our actions and thoughts. We actually can be joyful through intentional effort.

The problem is, our beliefs are supported by our habits. If we believe the worst in life and in ourselves, we’ll support that belief with our habits that will lead us down the path of Compound Cynicism.

Changing these beliefs about ourselves, our lives, and our potential for happiness is key to changing our habits to pull up upwards on the path of Compound Joy.

We truly do have more control over our joy than we think. And we can improve our joy. Doing so will make us more resilient, successful, excited, satisfied, and happier with our lives. Joy will help us reach our potential.

On this website, I write research-backed articles to help you break The Unhappiness Cycle and compound your joy. Doing so will change your life and business and give you the lasting success you want in life.

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